KOFF Newsletter No. 114 - Reconciliation in the Balkans

from Swiss Peace Foundation
Published on 01 Feb 2013

KOFF – swisspeace

ƒ* Northern Kosovo Socio-Economic Dialogue Project
ƒ New Website for KOFF
* ƒTwo Years on from the Uprising: Political Transition in Egypt
*ƒ KOFF Roundtable on Afghanistan: the Need for National Reconciliation
Connecting Human Rights and Conflict Transformation – from Concepts to Practice


ƒ* Dealing with the Past in Former Yugoslavia after Controversial ICTY Aquittals

News from Swiss NGOs

ƒ* South-East European Master’s Programme in Peace Studies
ƒ* cfd Activities in the Balkans
ƒ* New Pestalozzi Projects

News from Swiss Government Agencies

ƒ* HSD Support for Initiatives to Deal with the Past in the Balkans
* ƒOpportunities for Dealing with the Past under the Swiss OSCE Chairmanship in 2014
ƒ* SDC Involvement in the Western Balkans


  • ƒPublications on Reconciliation and Dealing with the Past

Web Tip

  • ƒRegional Websites on Reconciliation and Dealing with the Past

International Partner Organizations