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KFOR Press Update: Mitrovica 08 Feb 2000

by Lt.-Cdr. Philip Anido, KFOR Spokesperson
Pristina, 08 February 2000

The security situation in Mitrovica remained calm overnight. The curfew was once again imposed for the fifth night and KFOR soldiers are patrolling in all quarters of the city. The curfew extends from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m.

The Commander KFOR, General Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, has deployed German and Italian troops into the city to operate alongside the French and Danish soldiers already stationed there as part of Multinational Brigade North. Mechanized infantry and Military Police are showing a strong multinational KFOR presence, especially in areas where minorities live and work.

On the outskirts of the city, KFOR Belgian infantry are operating to the north while United Arab Emirates units are located in the southern area. Their vehicle checkpoints, combined with those in the British-led Multinational Brigade Centre and Italian-led Multinational Brigade West, are controlling access to the city.

KFOR remains determined to bring the process of peace and reconciliation forward. The international military force is here working for all people in Kosovo, to help bring them together in peaceful communities. KFOR is intrinsically a multi-national force and is resolutely impartial in its dealings with the citizens, regardless of their ethnic background.

KFOR is working alongside UNMIK police to achieve and maintain law and order, so that the urgently needed processes of reconstruction, local leadership and administration can blossom

Events and incidents in Kosovo during the last 24 hours:

Incidents, Injuries and Deaths

Yesterday afternoon in Mitrovica (MNB North) a hand grenade was thrown into an empty Albanian flat in North Mitrovica. The occupant was staying with friends in South Mitrovica.

Yesterday morning in the community of Mali Alas (MNB Centre), KFOR Finnish troops responded to a grenade attack on a Roma house. There were no injuries and only minor damage. The UNMIK police are investigating the case.

Yesterday morning, during the search of three Serb-owned houses in Vrbovac MNB East), four rifles and ammunition were confiscated. UNMIK police are investigating.

Yesterday afternoon in Gnjilane (MNB East) two house searches resulted in the arrest of two Albanian men on charges of illegal weapons possession. Two Ak-47 rifles and ammunition were confiscated. UNMIK police are investigating.

Last night in Vitina (MNB East) a KFOR patrol reported an explosion in an unoccupied house. UNMIK Police and KFOR are investigating.

Weapons Confiscated; Arrests Made

Yesterday morning KFOR troops conducted house searches in three villages, Trepetnica, Veleza and Spinadija (MNB South), and arrested three Albanian men for weapons violations. The confiscated included one AK-47, three rifles, two pistols, and a quantity of ammunition.

Yesterday morning a KFOR patrol searched a building in the village of Jablanica (MNB West) and found one AK-47, one rifle, four hand grenades, 36 mortars and a large quantity of ammunition. Two Albanian men were arrested.

In a second search, four pistols, one rifle, knives, ammunition and other military equipment were confiscated. Seven men were detained.