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KFOR Press Update: Mitrovica 07 Feb 2000

by Lt.-Cdr. Philip Anido, KFOR Spokesperson
Pristina, 07 February 2000

The situation in Mitrovica was quiet last night and there were no significant incidents to report. KFOR and UNMIK police enforced the curfew from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. this morning.

Yesterday crowds gathered on both sides of the Western Bridge. By 3 p.m., it was estimated that there were some 1, 500 Albanians on the south side and 150 Serbs on the north. Both crowds remained calm.

KFOR mechanized infantry and Military Police will maintain a very visible, 24 -hour presence on the streets of the city to ensure that peace and law and order is maintained. The curfew will continue tonight.

KFOR Military Training Exercise

On 14 February, KFOR troops in Kosovo are provisionally planning to conduct the latest in a series of routine training exercises. Such exercises are necessary in order to maintain the operational capability of any professional military force.

The exercise will involve the internal redeployment of formations, including the movement of vehicles and personnel. Further details of the areas that will see exercise activity will be announced nearer the start date.

Events and incidents in Kosovo during the last 24 hours:

Incidents, Injuries and Deaths

On Saturday night just after 11 p.m., unknown men using a machine gun and a grenade filled with nails attacked two occupied Serbian homes in the village of Svinjare (MNB North). Three people in one house were uninjured, but one man in the other house was injured in the arm. United Arab Emirates soldiers rushed him to the Vucitrn hospital.

Last night in Dragas (MNB South), a KFOR patrol reported that a homemade bomb was thrown into a local café. There were no injuries, but there was significant damage to the building and adjacent houses. Eight men have been arrested and are in UNMIK police custody.

Yesterday in Dragas an explosion destroyed a building and slightly damaged two others only 150 metres from the UNMIK Police station. KFOR explosive ordnance disposal experts and Military Police are assisting UNMIK police with the investigation.

Yesterday evening in Lipljan (MNB Centre), KFOR Finnish troops reported that a grenade was thrown into the front yard of a Serb home where two elderly women lived. There were no casualties and no damage. Two Albanian boys are being held by UNMIK for questioning.

Yesterday afternoon in Stanisor (MNB East), about 50 Serbian men threw stones at a car in which three Albanian men were driving. They were not injured. KFOR Military Police arrived on the scene and the crowd dispersed.

Weapons Confiscated; Arrests Made

Yesterday afternoon in Vitina (MNB East), KFOR troops arrested an Albanian man on a weapons violation. A pistol and a rifle were confiscated. Military Police are investigating.

House fire

Yesterday morning in the village of Cernica (MNB East), KFOR troops reported that an unoccupied Serb owned farmhouse was set on fire for the second time.

Last night in Kosovo Polje (MNB Centre), KFOR Norwegian troops reported a fire in an unoccupied Serb house. UNMIK police are investigating.

Illegal Border Crossing

Yesterday afternoon, an Albanian man crossed into Kosovo near the Morina border crossing and was found with ammunition. The ammo was confiscated and the man was sent back.