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KFOR Press Update: 31 Mar 2000

Pristina, 31 March 2000
by Lt.-Col. Henning Philipp, KFOR Spokesperson

Exercise Dynamic Response

Today, the units of the Strategic Reserve Force (SRF) who are on maneuvres in Kosovo are preparing for a mock ground and air assault north of Pristina. Media are invited to observe the exercise with particular focus of a combined Argentinean-US Marine operation. The Media Opportunity notice is posted outside.

Voluntary Weapons Hand Over

In Busovik in the vicinity of Gnjilane, an Albanian voluntarily turned in his weapons to a KFOR patrol. He had 12 grenades, one AK-47 with a grenade launcher attachment, one assault rifle, one sub-machine gun, a mine detector and ammunition. KFOR applauds this individual action and encourages other to follow suit.

KFOR Environmental Initiatives

Two environmental stewardship projects in which KFOR is providing support are reported today in Kosovo, both in the Podujevo district. A 3.5 kilometre section of the river in the city is being cleaned up with the assistance of local citizens and local NGO's. As well, the refuse collection project is progressing well and includes a newly completed access road to a designated dumpsite.

These and similar projects around Kosovo which involve KFOR, UNMIK, the KPC, NGOs and local communities will greatly improve the appearance and health of the environment. KFOR strongly encourages local level initiatives to clean up and protect communities and the landscape from further environmental degradation.

Internment Camps Do Not Exist

KFOR has received several media queries during the past few days concerning the alleged existence of Albanian-run detention camps for Serb prisoners. Since KFOR arrived, some 25 reports from organizations and media of internment camps have been submitted to KFOR and each time Military Police and peacekeepers have conducted thorough investigations, all with negative results.

There is no evidence that detention camps exist in Kosovo.

Events and Incidents During the Past 24 Hours

Searches and Weapons Confiscations

In Plememtina (MNB Centre) yesterday morning, three assault rifles were confiscated during a house search.

In Vlretnica (MNB North) yesterday evening, four rifles, including an AK-47, seven hand grenades, bayonets and a large quantity of ammunition were confiscated during a house search conducted by KFOR troops. The owner was turned over to UNMIK police.


In Pristina (MNB Centre) last night, a KFOR patrol reported that a hand grenade was thrown underneath a car in the Pristina bus station. The vehicle was destroyed, but no one was injured. UNMIK police are investigating.