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KFOR Press Update: 30 Mar 2000

Pristina, 30 March 2000
by Lt.-Cdr. Philip Anido, KFOR Spokesperson

KFOR Investigates Ground Safety Zone

A report from Multinational Brigade (MNB) Centre indicated a possible incursion by two Yugoslav Army (VJ) vehicles into the Ground Safety Zone (GSZ) on the afternoon of 25 March. In order to verify the report, representatives of the Joint Implementation Commission (JIC), accompanied by KFOR troops, entered the GSZ yesterday afternoon.

They were acting within KFOR's mandate and in accordance with the Military Technical Agreement (MTA). The observers, who had linked up at the boundary with the FRY JIC representatives, were looking for signs of previous movement in the GSZ such as tank tracks and disturbance of undergrowth.

No conclusive evidence was found.

KFOR Helping to Clean up the Environment

KFOR French Military Engineers and members of the KPC have begun operation "Clean City' in Mitrovica. Citizens and soldiers alike are fed up with the sight and smell of garbage, which litters playgrounds, river banks and streets, and creates a potential health hazard.

The project so far consists of preparing a main rubbish site and collecting all the piles and widely dispersed pieces of trash, including car wrecks and other large metal waste.

On Wednesday, 5 April 2000, children will be involved in a 'clean environment' day and they will be encouraged to keep their schoolyards and neighbourhoods rubbish free.

MNB North Engineers are calling for support and participation in their project from the members of the city council and community leaders.

Events and Incidents During the Past 24 Hours


In the vicinity of Pristina (MNB Centre) yesterday evening a KFOR vehicle struck and killed a man on the highway. UNMIC police investigators confirm that the man who was dressed in dark clothing stepped onto the road and into the track of the vehicle.

Searches and Weapons Confiscations

In Mitrovica (MNB North), early yesterday morning, KFOR French troops searched a house in the Little Bosnia district of the northern part of the city and confiscated two assault rifles, a pistol, one bayonet and a number of bullets.

Also in Mitrovica, on Tuesday night an explosion occurred in the northern part of the city near a KFOR French observation point. There were no injuries and no evident damage in to area.

In Suva Reka (MNB South), early on Tuesday morning KFOR Italian Carabinieri conducted a house search and confiscated four rifles, two pistols, one hand grenade, ammunition and magazines. Eight Albanians were detained for identification.

In Glogovac (MNB Centre) yesterday morning KFOR troops searched a house and confiscated an AK-47 assault rifle, ammunition and magazines.


In Varos Selo yesterday evening a KFOR Italian train collided with a civilian car. Fortunately there were no injuries.