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KFOR Press Update: 28 Mar 2000

Pristina, 28 March 2000
by Lt.-Cdr. Philip Anido, KFOR Spokesperson

Update on Exercise Dynamic Response 2000

Strategic Reserve Force (SRF) troops are now fully deployed into several areas of Kosovo on maneuvers alongside KFOR soldiers. Interoperability within the SRF and especially with units of KFOR is an integral training element throughout the weeklong exercise.

The Argentinean paratroopers are manning a checkpoint at the Morina border crossing and are coordinating closely with German and Polish troops. The Dutch marines are manning three quick reaction positions in close cooperation with US troops. They are coordinating close air support missions, which are a key element of the KFOR security mission.

The Polish mechanized infantry are conducting tactical movement by road and will establish checkpoints at two bridges and one tunnel site in MNB South. They will operate closely with German and Argentinean troops.

The Romanian infantry are operating in MNB North conducting reconnaissance missions and analyzing routes and terrain in the area. The US Marines are conducting mounted and foot patrols with British KFOR peacekeepers. They are training in such missions as checkpoints, close air support and tactical communications and interoperability.

KFOR Conducts Daily Searches for Weapons

Every day in all parts of Kosovo KFOR peacekeepers conduct searches for destructive weapons such as rifles, hand grenades and land mines. Yesterday alone, a number of such arms were confiscated from vehicles and houses and the owners have been turned over to UNMIK police for questioning.

In Kamenica, KFOR Russian troops confiscated a pistol at a vehicle checkpoint. In Mitrovica KFOR French soldiers found an assault rifle, a machine gun and many rounds of ammunition. In the Pristina area, KFOR infantry confiscated seven rifles and ammunition during several house searches. In Lipjan, KFOR Finnish soldiers found a pistol and in Prizren KFOR German soldiers discovered an anti-tank rocket, which explosive ordnance experts disposed of.

In Dakovica, KFOR Caribinieri confiscated one AK-47, magazines and a quantity of ammunition. In Cuculjaga, in MNB Centre a combined KFOR-UNMIK patrol confiscated a pistol from a car and during a subsequent house search they found and assault rifle, ammunition and a KLA uniform.

At the Prusit border crossing KFOR Italian Military Police searched a man and his two children who were attempting to cross the border from Albania into Kosovo illegally. The police confiscated the man's bag, which was filled with nearly 1,500 rounds of 7.62 rifle ammunition. The family was sent back to Albania.

In Paljabarda, KFOR Spanish troops confiscated an AK-47 rifle and ammunition, while in Kusare, KFOR Italian Military Police confiscated an AK-47 and two full magazines of ammunition during a house search.

Border Violations

Several illegal border crossing attempts were reported yesterday. There were two incidents at the Morina South crossing. Three people crossed into Albania from Kosovo and KFOR troops fired warning shots when they saw a man with two donkeys attempting to cross in a remote area.

In Dragas, two Albanians were detained and turned over to UNMIK police. And in Globocica, four people crossing from Albania were arrested and turned over to UNMIK police.

Media Opportunity - Dynamic Response 2000

Tomorrow, 29 March 2000, US Marines from 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) and KFOR British troops from The 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers will be carrying out joint patrols and other military operations in the Pristina area in the framework of exercise Dynamic Response.

Interested Media should contact Lt Fugler or SSgt Cox at the Press Information Centre.

Note to Media: Wednesday's press conference will be delayed one hour until 12:30.