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KFOR Press Update: 21 Mar 2000

PRISTINA - Tuesday, 21 March 2000
By Lieutenant-Commander Philip Anido, KFOR Spokesman

Exercise Dynamic Response 2000

Multinational troops from five nations continue their movement into their exercise staging areas near the Skopje airport. They are arriving by rail, road and air and will be established in the forward assembly area in the vicinity of Prizren between 22 and 24 March.

Some 1500 troops and 220 vehicles, including tanks, and a range of reconnaissance and combat helicopters, will be exercising in Kosovo from 27 March until 3 April.

The troops include:

  • The 24th US Marine Corps Expeditionary Unit.
  • One Platoon from the 4th Argentinean Paratrooper Brigade.
  • 1st Battalion Royal Netherlands Marine Corps.
  • 10th Polish Mechanised Infantry Battalion.
  • Elements of the Romanian 26th Infantry Battalion.

Community Tired of Violence

Albanians and Serbs in a village near Kamenica have tired of the fear and tragedy of violence within their community and have agreed to meet to work out their differences.

The citizens realize that the endless cycle of hatred and revenge must be replaced by reconciliation. They are determined to find a way to build a peaceful and prosperous future for their children. KFOR considers this initiative to be most encouraging and it sets an example for the whole of Kosovo.

Events and Incidents During the Past 24 Hours


A KFOR patrol found a decayed human body at a garbage dump near Orahovac (MNB South). UNMIK police are investigating the case.

Last night, a male body was found with a bullet wound near the power plant in Dakovica (MNB West). The case is in UNMIK police hands.

Land Mines and Grenades

Yesterday, near Pirane (MNB South), a local man reported to a KFOR patrol that he had discovered several land mines while working in his field. Explosive ordnance experts (EOD) disposed of the devices.

In Suva Reka (MNB South), KFOR troops were alerted to the presence of four rocket grenades in a local school. EOD experts removed the dangerous weapons.


During the past 24 hours, Serb citizens have erected roadblocks between Gate 1 and the Serbian border crossing point in the Ground Safety Zone in MNB North. They are apparently protesting against a Belgrade decision to stop trade between Kosovo and Serbia.

'Yesterday morning, 20 Albanians gathered near the eastern bridge in the southern part of Mitrovica (MNB North) demanding to resume work at the battery factory.

Yesterday evening, KFOR Finnish troops searched an area in the southern part of Mitrovica (MNB North) for evidence of damage following a suspected explosion. Nothing was found.

House Fires

In Prizren (MNB South), yesterday morning, the local fire brigade was called out to extinguish a fire that had been intentionally set in an occupied Serb-owned home.

Searches and Weapons Confiscations

During a house search yesterday near Gnjilane (MNB East), KFOR troops confiscated one AK-47, five pistols, two shotguns and four knives.

Last night, KFOR French troops confiscated a hand grenade from a man in Mitrovica (MNB North) and turned him over to UNMIK police for questioning.