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KFOR Press Update: 15 Mar 2000

Extract from KFOR Press Update
Pristina, 15 March 2000

by Lt.-Col. Henning Philipp, KFOR Spokesperson

Major Weapon Confiscations

Yesterday KFOR troops confiscated a large number of weapons and ammunition in two of the Multinational Brigades. On the night of March 14th ten house searches were conducted in different Albanian houses in Orahovac. Four rifles, two hand grenades, three hunting guns, one gun, one pistol, one rocket launcher, several rounds of ammunition and drugs were found and confiscated. Altogether five persons were detained for illegal possession of weapons.

At the same time separate house searches were conducted in eight houses in Prizren. One hunting gun and one carbine were found and confiscated. One man was detained.

The MSU arrested one Kosovo Albanian man after a search operation in Madanaj in MNB West yesterday afternoon. Some various calibre ammunition and exploded cases were found. The man was detained on the grounds of illegal detention of war ammunitions. He was taken to the Italian Military Police station in Pec.

KFOR Saves Sick Girl

Yesterday afternoon the 1st Royal Canadian Regiment treated an eight-year-old girl, that could not be admitted to the Pristina hospital yesterday. She was suffering from severe pneumonia and associated chest infections. The 1st Royal Canadian Regiment took her to the Headquarter's Medical Centre, where her situation deteriorated. She had to be resuscitated twice before her condition stabilized around 18:20 hrs. Then she was evacuated by the Immediate Response Team helicopter from MNB Centre to the hospital deemed most suitable to provide the requisite care; the Italian Hospital in Pec. She is now in the hospital in Pec, and her condition is stable.

Events and incidents in Kosovo during the last 24 hours:


A total of nine Albanians were detained in Globocica and Krusevo in MNB South for staying illegally in Kosovo. They were handed over to UNMIK Police.

Three Kosovo Albanian men were arrested in Zlokucane (MNB West) by KFOR MPs for armed assault.

One Albanian male was arrested by SWEBAT in Kisnica (MNB North) last night. 2-3 explosions were heard, and the man was arrested after house searches had been conducted. Telemark Battalion and MSU assisted SWEBAT in the operation.


An UNMIK Police Officer had to fire twice in the air to disperse an unruly crowd in Prizren (MNB South) yesterday morning. The crowd were attacking the three UNMIK Police Officers who responded to an assault case and tried to put suspects under arrest. The case is under investigation.

Yesterday French engineers disposed of eleven mines near Brabonjic (MNB North). This is the place where the accident on March 11th took place, killing one child and injuring several other kids.

Searches and Weapons Confiscations

A man handed over an AK 47 rifle to UNMIK Police and KFOR MPs near Malisevo (MNB South) yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday afternoon a hand grenade was handed over by civilians in Zlokukane (MNB West), and a mine was handed over in Babaloc.

A patrol found an anti tank weapon on a field near Decane (MNB West).

On march 13th two machine guns (cal 20mm, six grenade fuses (155mm) and one grenade (105mm) were found in Pec (MNB West).


Yesterday afternoon a human skull was found in the south of Domanec (MNB West). UNMIK conducts the investigation.

A male body was found near Upoglov (MNB West) yesterday afternoon. The man is thought to have been dead for two or three months. UNMIK was at the scene.

Borders and Boundaries

Two persons tried to cross the border between Albania and Kosovo illegally yesterday morning, and an additional three persons made the same attempt in the afternoon. They all turned around after guards at the Morina Border Crossing (MNB South) fired warning shots.