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KFOR Press Update: 13 Mar 2000

Pristina, 13 March 2000
by Lt.-Cdr. Philip Anido, KFOR Spokesperson

KFOR stops people at the border

KFOR troops stopped people from crossing the border three times yesterday, once near the Morina border crossing towards Albania, and twice near gate 5 towards Serbia. KFOR has at the moment more than 3,000 soldiers in six battalions whose only task is to control the borders and boundaries of Kosovo.

KFOR continues weapons confiscations

KFOR keeps up its searches for illegal weapons and explosives. Yesterday weapons were confiscated all over Kosovo, and amongst the seized weapons were eight rifles, five pistols and more than 1,000 bullets.

King Abdullah II of Jordan visits Kosovo today

King Abdullah II of Jordan arrives in Vucitrn in MNB North today. He will visit the 60 Jordan soldiers that are integrated in the forces deployed from the United Arab Emirates. His Majesty's visit will last from 12.30hrs to 15.00hrs. No media event is planned.

Events and incidents in Kosovo during the last 24 hours:


Two Serbs were stopped yesterday at noon near Gate 5 towards the Serbian border in MNB East before entering Serbia. Upon searching the vehicle, the KFOR soldiers found one hand grenade. Both were detained.

Almost immediately after two other Serbs were detained near Gate 5 while they were trying to cross into Serbia. The two detainees had in their possession three AK-47 rifles, 420 rounds of ammunition and one hand grenade.


On 11 March 2000 in the evening a hand grenade was thrown into a Roma house in Orahovac (MNB South). One room in the house was damaged. Later in the evening and early morning the next day two explosions were heard in Orahovac. It is unknown what has caused the explosions.

Yesterday evening four persons tried to illegally cross the border near the Morina border crossing between Kosovo and Albania in MNB South, but turned when KFOR troops fired warning shots.

A Polish Battalion Commander was forced to fire four warning shots when a crowd of 60 Serbs stopped two Kosovo Albanian cars in Drajkovci (MNB East). The crowd was dispersed.

A man was injured yesterday evening by a mine in the Vitina (MNB East) area when he was throwing stones at his cow.

Searches and Weapons Confiscations

Last night KFOR troops conducted a search in a house in Cercolez (MNB West). Two Albanian men were detained and two rifles were confiscated along with five magazines and 500 bullets.

Two Albanian males were detained as KFOR MPs searched a house and seized one rifle and 147 rounds of ammunition near Gnjilane (MNB East).

Yesterday in the village of Ajvalija (MNB Centre), KFOR soldiers conducted a house search and confiscated a pistol and ammunition.

Yesterday in Preoce (MNB Centre), KFOR Swedish troops discovered an antipersonnel mine on top of an anti-tank mine on a trail in their area of operations. An explosive ordnance disposal team disarmed the devices.

Yesterday, near Gracanica (MNB Centre), Swedish soldiers found a pistol with 15 rounds of ammunition in an Albanian house.

Two drunken drivers were stopped at a checkpoint in Lipjan (MNB Centre). A pistol was confiscated.