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KFOR Press Update: 09 Mar 2000

PRISTINA - Thursday, 9 March 2000
by Lt.-Cdr. Philip Anido, KFOR Spokesperson
Significant Weapons Confiscations

During the past two days, KFOR patrols have made a number of weapons confiscations during their searches of cars at vehicle checkpoints and houses. Two incidents are of particular importance and demonstrate KFOR's determination to rid all communities in Kosovo of illegal weapons.

On Tuesday, Multinational Brigade North reported that KFOR Belgian troops and French Gendarmerie had discovered a number of weapons and military equipment during searches of several Serb owned houses and properties in the village of Miolice. Miolice is located a few kilometres east of Lesak in the far north of Kosovo.

The following weapons were found and confiscated: one AK-47 assault rifle, three shotguns, two pistols, seven full AK-47 magazines (30 rounds each), hundreds of rounds of rifle ammunition, three hand grenades, and a Serbian VJ army uniform. One man has been detained.

Again on Wednesday, in Inatovce, an Albanian man was stopped at a vehicle checkpoint and detained for suspicious activity. The village is located 20 km south east of Gnjilane close to the boundary with Serbia.

The subsequent search of the man's house revealed one medium machine gun, 100 rounds of ammunition, 50 X 40 mm high explosive grenades, one 40 mm smoke grenade, 12 mortar grenades, assorted uniforms, bandoleers and other pieces of military equipment.

Possession, and the willingness of extreme elements to use these types of offensive weapons against fellow citizens, is diametrically opposed to the fundamental principles and desires of the international community and the majority of Kosovar people.

KFOR will continue its search operations for weapons with great vigor throughout Kosovo. The peacekeepers welcome the support of all good citizens in ridding the province of arms of revenge and destruction.

Events and Incidents During the Past 24 Hours


Yesterday morning in Dakova (MNB West), KFOR Military Police arrested an Albanian man on suspicion of attempted murder.


On Tuesday evening in Stimlje (MNB Centre), KFOR Finnish troops quickly extinguished a fire in an unoccupied Albanian house. This is the third fire in the house since 2 February. UNMIK police are investigating.

Searches and Weapons Confiscations

On Tuesday evening in Pristina (MNB Center), KFOR British troops searched a suspicious house and confiscated one AK-47 assault rifle, two magazines and a KPC uniform. UNMIK police are investigating.

On Tuesday afternoon in Gnjilane (MNB East), KFOR troops and UNMIK police searched the house of a man who had been arrested for brandishing a pistol in public. They found one mortar grenade launcher and one pistol. UNMIK police are investigating.

Also on Tuesday evening in Agusovic Mah (MNB East), KFOR and UNMIK Police searched a house and found an Ak-47 rifle and three magazines full of 30 rounds each. The owner was detained for questioning.

Yesterday afternoon in the vicinity of Klincina (MNB West), a KFOR patrol found two rocket-propelled grenades and anAK-47 assault rifle. An investigation is underway.

Voluntary Weapon Surrender

On Tuesday in Vitina (MNB East), an Albanian man turned in 68 land mines to KFOR troops.