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KFOR Press Update: 07 Mar 2000

News and Press Release
Originally published
Pristina, 07 March 2000
by Lt.-Cdr. Philip Anido, KFOR Spokesperson

Eurocorps Makes Seamless Transition into KFOR

Today, a group of 17 Eurocorps officers from France, Spain, Belgium and Germany arrived at KFOR Headquarters. They will take up their tasks alongside the present staff, so that the transfer of leadership and knowledge from KFOR 2 to KFOR 3 occurs smoothly.

Tomorrow another group of some 40 military staff is expected. During the next several weeks, the 350 Eurocorps officers who will form approximately one third of KFOR Headquarters will arrive in theatre. The remainder of the staff will represent the contributing NATO nations.

Spanish Lieutenant-General Juan Ortuno will command the new KFOR Headquarters. The KFOR headquarters operation will be carried out within the framework of NATO and the Supreme Allied Commander Europe as it has in the past.

General Wesley Clark Visits Mitrovica

General Wesley Clark, the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, will make a brief visit to Multinational Brigade North in Mitrovica today. He has set aside time to meet the media. Arrangements have been made by the Combined Press Information Centre for journalists to attend the event.

KFOR Spanish Task Force Evacuate Patient

Yesterday, the KFOR Spanish Task Force evacuated a sick child to Skopje to prepare her for a military flight to Spain where she will receive qualified medical care.

Events and incidents in Kosovo during the last 24 hours:


Yesterday evening, a KFOR patrol reported that a 26-year old Albanian man was murdered in front of his shop in Pec (MNB West). UNMIK police are investigating.

Incidents and Arrests

Yesterday, six men drove through the Roma village of Dubrova (MNB East), throwing a grenade into a house and firing at others. A KFOR investigation reported that there were no injuries, but a number of holes were found in walls. The case was turned over to UNMIK police.

Yesterday evening KFOR soldiers reported a fire in an occupied Serb house in MNB Centre. There were no casualties and local and UNMIK fire fighters put out the flames. An UNMIK police investigation is underway.

KFOR Finnish soldiers reported that attackers had thrown a hand grenade at a Serb flat in Lipljan (MNB Centre). The device missed and exploded in front of an Albanian property causing some damage.

An Albanian man was shot in his car and seriously wounded by a gunman near the Prizren (MNB South) airfield. UNMIP police have arrested an Albanian man in connection with the attempted murder.