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KFOR Press Update: 01 Apr 2000

News and Press Release
Originally published
Pristina, 01 April 2000
by Lt.-Cdr. Philip Anido, KFOR Spokesperson

Exercise Dynamic Response 2000

Troops of the Special Reserve Force have entered the final phase of Exercise Dynamic Response 2000 today. They are practicing assault tactics using helicopter airlift and deployment by road. Several combat air support missions are scheduled to test joint operations techniques.

Mitrovica Footbridge Opens

KFOR French Engineers have completed the construction of the new footbridge that crosses the Ibar River in front of the three towers area in the northern part of Mitrovica. Albanian and Serb citizens are now able to cross the river from their homes to visit friends and do their shopping.

The footbridge is a key component of the Confidence Area that is being established by KFOR in the central neighbourhoods of the city. The only citizens who are permitted into this zone and who may use the bridge, are those who live and work there. KFOR checks everyone's special ID card to ensure compliance and safe freedom of movement.

KFOR peacekeepers are patrolling both sides of the link and are providing escort for people as they cross it.

Shots fired at KFOR French Patrol

Late last night several shots struck a KFOR French armoured vehicle as it was patrolling an area near the village of Previ Tunel just north east of Mitrovica. The shots came from light weapons, fired some distance from the patrol, and there were no injuries or damage. An investigation is underway.

Night Illumination Rounds

Last night after dark, a KFOR US Artillery Battery fired off night illumination rounds in an area east of Gnjilane. The intense light allows patrols to observe and take appropriate action against any illegal or suspicious activity.

Events and Incidents During the Past 24 Hours


The body of an Albanian man was found by a KFOR patrol near Gate 4 on the boundary north east of Pristina (MNB Centre).

Searches and Weapons Confiscations

Yesterday in MNB West, one rifle, a pistol and ammunition were confiscated during house searches.

Yesterday in MNB Centre one AK-47, a hand grenade, a shotgun and ammunition were confiscated during house searches.


KFOR maintained a strong presence in Gnjilane (MNB East) yesterday as up to 40,000 supporters of various political parties gathered in the city. No incidents were reported.

Media Opportunity

Tomorrow at 1:30 p.m., General Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, Commander KFOR and Lieutenant-General Evtukhovijh, the Russian Contingent Commander, will visit the US Marines tactical command post. Media are invited to sign up to cover the visit at the CPIC no later than 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, 2 April 2000.