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KFOR News Update: More violence in Mitrovica

Mitrovica, 07 March 2000 - 04:00 PM:
Shortly after noon today, violence erupted between Albanians and Serbs in the north part of the city of Mitrovica, near a district known as Little Bosnia.

The incident grew between two small angry groups who were exchanging insults. Others joined the dispute on both sides and finally individuals began shooting and throwing hand grenades.

A number of injuries have been reported. They include 20 Serb men, 4 Albanian men and one woman. Sixteen KFOR French troops and Gendarmerie were also slightly injured. Ten have already been released from the hospital.

The injured Serbs were taken to the hospital in the north part of Mitrovica, while the Albanians were treated in the KFOR Moroccan field hospital.

KFOR soldiers have restored order and four men have been arrested in connection with the violence. Further updates will be provided later today.