IOM Kosovo wins EUR 4 million EU return and reintegration contract

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Kosovo - IOM Kosovo has won a EUR 4 million contract from the European Union (EU) for Phase 4 of the EU Return and Reintegration in Kosovo Programme.

The programme contributes to rebuilding a sustainable and tolerant multi-ethnic society in Kosovo by supporting the return and reintegration of displaced people and building the capacity of central and local authorities to facilitate the process.

After the conflict of 1999, thousands of people from minority communities were displaced in Kosovo or fled to other countries in the former Yugoslavia. Many have returned, but many are still displaced with no permanent home either inside or outside of the country.

Phase 4 of the EU return and reintegration programme follows Phase 3, which was also implemented by IOM. It targets displaced people and refugees returning to Kosovo, providing them with assistance including housing, food and non-food aid packages. It also helps them to find jobs and to generate income.

During Phase 3, which started in November 2011 and will finish in October 2014, IOM Kosovo helped 188 families to return home, providing them with newly built houses in four municipalities in Novobërdë /Novo Brdo, Parteš and Prizren.

Trajko Dimici’s family moved into a new house in Brekcici, Parteš in November 2013. The three generations had been displaced since 1999 and were previously living in poor conditions in a collective centre. He said that they were delighted with their new home.

Some 147 families have also benefitted from aid, including food, non-food relief items, furniture and firewood. The programme has also delivered 85 income generation packages and organized trainings for 50 women and young people on project proposals and management.

IOM Kosovo also implemented eight infrastructure and community projects within the framework of Phase 3 to improve the living conditions of these communities. These included water and sewage systems schemes for housing and the renovation of two schools.

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