Government adopts conclusions on dialogue with Pristina

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Belgrade, 22 Dec 2011 – Director of the Office of Media Relations Milivoje Mihajlovic stated that at today’s session the government adopted conclusions regarding the Report on dialogue with interim institutions of self-government in Pristina in terms of university diplomas and integrated control of the administrative line.

Mihajlovic told a press conference following the session that a decree about the freedom of movement was also adopted, regulating the control of crossings over the administrative line.

He said that when it comes to integrated control of the administrative line and university degrees, only a conclusion about the report of the negotiating team was adopted, while decrees that are to enable the implementation of these agreements will be passed at upcoming government sessions.

Mihajlovic observed that the decree referring to the freedom of movement enables the implementation of the agreement reached during the talks, explaining that persons with ID cards issued by the interim institutions in Kosovo-Metohija will be allowed to cross the administrative line.

These persons will receive a document on the entry and exit which will be considered the only valid document, he said.

Mihajlovic stated that vehicles with licence plates marked with “KS” (so-called UNMIK plates) will be allowed to move in central Serbia provided they have the document on the entry and exit.

The decree comprises a provision stating that licence plates marked with “RKS” (Republic of Kosovo) will be replaced at crossings and temporary plates will be issued instead, he noted.

The decree was passed in order to implement the agreement on the freedom of movement, reached by the teams from Belgrade and Pristina in Brussels in early June.

This regulation shall enter into force on the day following its publication in the Official Gazette, noted Mihajlovic.

He said that the Serbian government adopted at its session today the Bill amending the Law on criminal procedure.

He said the proposed amendments relate to combating organised crime, corruption and other serious crimes.

Also, the Bill amending the Law on Courts, the Bill amending the Law on public prosecution and the Bill amending the Law on court fees, he explained.

He said that the Serbian government today invited the local governments to pay jubilee awards to employees in education for 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Mihajlovic recalled that the government at its session today adopted the Bill amending the Law on traffic Safety.

Mihajlovic said that the government also adopted the Bill amending the Law on foreign exchange operations.