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A Field Made Safe and Thousands Fed - Kosovo, Serbia Aid Continues

Baltimore, Jan. 14, 2000 -- Winter has slowed the work, but in Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro the tally of aid still mounts. Each week there are food parcels delivered, homes built, wells cleaned, schools refurbished, and farm tractors repaired. The slow process of recovery in the Balkans continues.
In the first half of December, some 20,000 people in Serbia and Montenegro received food and hygiene parcels from International Orthodox Christian Charities, an LWR partner agency in the Balkans. IOCC is also based in Baltimore.

Just before Christmas at a school in Kosovo, a whole field that had been cleared of landmines was declared completely safe. LWR recently provided $250,000 in additional support for the aid delivery and the demining programs. LWR is a member of Action by Churches Together, the interchurch emergency alliance coordinating such aid in the Balkans.