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Experts to finalise arrangements for review of Kosovo's internal security sector


PRISTINA - At the invitation of the SRSG, the Security Sector Development Advisory Team (SSDAT) is today beginning its third visit in Kosovo. Following its earlier recommendation to undertake an Internal Security Sector Review (ISSR) to plan for an effective security sector, the SSDAT will now help Kosovo in establishing the most effective mechanisms to carry out the review.

SRSG Søren Jessen-Petersen said, "This is a very important process for the future of Kosovo," further explaining that the ISSR is "a process that will produce an improved security environment for all and create the conditions conducive for economic investment, peace and justice, and participation in the international community."

During this visit, the SSDAT will help Kosovo establish the ISSR Secretariat, which will undertake the Review. The Secretariat will be supported throughout the process by UNMIK and UNDP.

Adopting an "inclusive approach", the planning process will involve extensive consultations with all elements of Kosovo's society and institutions. "It is only appropriate that a system that addresses the security needs of Kosovans is designed by Kosovans themselves," the SRSG said, adding that "it is only through the broad participation of all communities that we can ensure that Kosovans are firmly in the driver's seat."

The SSDAT arrived in Pristina this afternoon and will be meeting potential donors' representatives in Kosovo during this week, besides advising on the arrangements for commencing the Review process. "This is a tall order," the SRSG concluded, "but one that must be met if Kosovo is to have the future prescribed by the Final Status talks."