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Energy for Democracy: delayed trucks to return to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; programme will continue

Brussels, 3 December 1999

14 lorries with 350 tonnes of fuel for the Serbian cities of Nis and Pirot have been held up since 24 November by the Federal Yugoslav authorities. They are carrying badly needed heating oil for these opposition controlled cities of Nis and Pirot. The Federal authorities have devised obstacle after obstacle to prevent this oil shipment reaching its destination. The citizens of Nis and Pirot know who is responsible for this situation. There have been demonstrations against these delays. During the whole period, the drivers of the trucks have now endured 9 days waiting with their trucks at the border post, unable to leave. This situation has become intolerable, and the drivers will therefore return today with their lorries to Skopje. But the programme will continue. Further deliveries are under preparation.