Emergency Situation in Serbia due to heavy snowfalls and extreme cold - Situation Report No.15

Situation Report
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Report made by: International Cooperation of the Sector for Emergency Management, Ministry of Interior, Republic of Serbia

Event: Emergency Situation in Serbia due to heavy snowfalls and extreme cold Occurrence:

Date: 05/02/2012

Situation Report, No.15

Following the proposal of the National Emergency Management HQ on 5 February 2012, the Government of the Republic of Serbia declared the Emergency Situation on the whole territory of the state due to heavy snowfalls and extreme cold. All protection and rescue activities, and preventive measures, are coordinated and managed by the National Emergency Management HQ, presided by the Minister of Interior.

The latest report indicates 22 people dead due to extreme cold and 307 rescued. Approximately 11.122 households and 34,497 people are affected. Approximately 920 households with approximately 2,400 people are completely cut-off in the distant mountain villages and they can be reached only by helicopters. Rescue and evacuation operations are conducted and assistance is being provided to people who are in urgent need of medical assistance, food supplies etc. The most affected population is in the municipalities of Sjenica, Nova Varos, Kraljevo, Novi Pazar, Valjevo, Osecina, Ivanjica, Prokuplje, Kursumlija, Zagubica. Only local and uncategorised roads in distant mountain regions are not passable (approximately 4,200 km).