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The Emergencies Ministry of Russia offers help to Serbia because of flooding

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The Emergencies Minister of Russia offered help to the Foreign Affairs Minister of Servia Nebojša Stefanović. The state of emergency has been declared in 10 regions of Serbia due to heavy rainfalls, river flooding and landslides.

“The Emergencies Ministry of Russia is concerned by the news of severe weather conditions and floods on the West of Serbia. The Emergencies Ministry specialists coupled with their colleagues from the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center are actively working to minimize damage and avoid victims”, says the Minister’s note.

At the moment 2 Ilyushin-76 planes and Bo-105 helicopter of the Emergencies Ministry, the airmobile team of the Leader Center of extra risk rescue operations and the Tsentrospas State Central Airmobile Rescue Platoon, equipped with airmobile hospital and all necessary equipment, are on standby for medical evacuation of the injured or to respond to the search and rescue operation.

“Personnaly, I want to express my sincere support to all victims in that situations and I want to confirm that personnel and equipment of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia are ready to help to fraternal Serbian country”, says the telegram sent by the Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov.

Currently, several settlements are cut off from the transportation network, more than 180 building and structures have been flooded, more than 500 people have been evacuated, electric supply have been disrupted in several regions of Serbia.

103 people and 7 units of equipment, including 3 aircraft and 9 watercraft are on standby to respond to the emergency.