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ECHO Factsheet Floods in Serbia and BiH - 19 May 2014

The European Union is providing coordinated assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism which has been activated upon the request of Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina due to the severe flooding in the two countries.

A total of 14 EU Member States offered assistance such as motor boats, helicopters and pumps and deployed over 300 relief workers to the two countries. Two EU Civil Protection teams have been sent to Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina to help with the coordination of relief efforts.

Bulgaria, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Croatia,
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia have offered rescue boats, high capacity pumps and operational teams to Serbia.

Austria, Slovenia, Luxembourg, the UK, Belgium and Germany responded to the request of Bosnia & Herzegovina for rescue and evacuation helicopters and motor boats. Slovakia and the Czech Republic offered generators, sandbags and humanitarian aid kits.

The European Commission is also providing satellite imagery of the flooded areas to the relevant authorities in the two countries and is co-financing the transportation costs of aid.