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Council of Europe Office for Mitrovica

STRASBOURG, 25.02.2000 - COUNCIL OF EUROPE Secretary General Walter SCHWIMMER today said he was extremely worried by the situation in Mitrovica where an escalation of violence between the Serb majority in the north and the mainly Albanian south is feared despite the seizure of arms by KFOR troops under "Operation Ibar".
Speaking during his visit to Geneva for the high-level tripartite meeting between the United Nations, the OSCE and the COUNCIL OF EUROPE, Walter SCHWIMMER added: "I am firmly convinced that a lasting solution in Kosovo and in Mitrovica can only be reached through confidence measures involving populations situated on both sides of the River Ibar in a common project. In the light of its previous experience, the COUNCIL OF EUROPE would consider opening an office in Mitrovica to focus on concrete action, following the example the Mostar office".

The Geneva meeting agenda covers a review of action to be taken to ensure peace and stability in south-eastern Europe and especially in Kosovo.

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