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Cooperation in the Balkans on Disaster Risk Reduction Expands

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The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) delegation that flew to Kosovo last month in an effort to enhance cooperation visited Bosnia Herzegovina with the same purpose this month. The delegation had meetings with Deputy Security Minister of Bosnia Herzegovina State as well as Serbian Entity Civil Security Administration and Bosnia Herzegovina Entity officials.

Concentrating on enhancing its cooperation in the Balkan states, AFAD continues to plan working visits to the countries in the region. Following a productive visit to Kosovo in November, an AFAD delegation paid a visit to Bosnia Herzegovina. Meetings with Bosnia Herzegovina State, Bosnia Herzegovina Entity and Serbia Entity revealed that contacts will give positive results.

The AFAD delegation led by Deputy Head of AFAD Hamza TAŞDELEN visited the country between December 9-13 within the framework of Expanding International Cooperation Infrastructure for Development Program.

The delegation had meetings with country’s whole security and rescue organizations

The first session of the delegation which was also attended by Planning and Risk Reducation Department Chairman of AFAD Yusuf AYSU took place at the Operation and Communication Center (112) of the Bosnia Herzegovina State Ministry of Security. Deputy Minister Samir Agić and officials from Bosna Herzegovina Entity Civil Defense Administration, Serbian Entity Civil Defense Administration and Brcko Autonomous Region Public Security Directorates were present at the meeting. The main topic of discussion at the meeting that brought the whole security and rescue sector of the country and the AFAD delegation together was cooperation opportunities.

Joint activities will gradually continue

The delegation that had the opportunity to observe the civil defense structure of the country and activities carried out within this context, also learned more about Civil Defense Administration based in capital Sarajevo. Cooperation in mutual information exchange about disaster risk reduction between two countries, activities carried out within the framework of Sendai criteria and strategy development, raising awareness about disaster insurance, training activities, research and rescue activities and mine sweeping were the topics of the meeting. As a result of the meeting, it was decided to continue to focus on joint activitiesin the future.

What was the background of the visit?

Within the framework of the Expanding International Cooperation Infrastructure for Development Program, Disaster Risk Reduction workshop was organized at the AFAD headquarters between June 5 and 9 2017. Expert teams made up of 5 staff from Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and Croatia participated in the workshop.

Brief Info:

The Bosnia Herzegovina state is made up of Bosnia Herzegovina Federation, Serbian Entity and Brcko Autonomous Region. Every structure has its own administrative units.