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Closer to community in Prizren region: OSCE opens NGO Resource Centre and field office

PRISTINA, 8 March 2000 -- The OSCE is reinforcing its commitment to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with the opening in Prizren of a NGO Resource Centre. The Centre is designed to encourage the development of the more than 30 NGOs in the town. It will be providing office and training facilities.
The Centre will be a non-political forum where all members of the community can meet and work on rebuilding society. The OSCE hopes it will help build interethnic relationships between Prizren's various communities.

The OSCE sees NGOs as vital in the development of a civil society. After Pec/Peja, the Prizren Resource Centre is the second of its kind. A further seven NGO centres will be open around Kosovo by the summer.

The NGO opening in Prizren comes just days after the OSCE opened a Field Office and a Contact Office in Orahovac/Rahovec, further strengthening its presence in the region. The field office is in the Albanian part of town and the contact office in the Serbian section.

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