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Ambassador Fieschi on the "Other Communities" group in the Kosovo Assembly

PRISTINA, 18 March 2003 - Today the "Other Communities" in the Kosovo Assembly gave notice that they are forming a parliamentary group. This group is made up of ten representatives from Vatan, the Bosniac Party for Democratic Action in Kosovo (BSDAK), the Gorani Citizens Initiative (GIG), the Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party (KDTP), Albanian Ashkali Party of Kosovo (PDASHK), and United Roma Party of Kosovo (PREBK).
Referring to the formation of this parliamentary group, Ambassador Pascal Fieschi, OSCE Head of Mission in Kosovo, said:

"I welcome the forming of this new Assembly group, which is composed of elected representative of Kosovo's smaller communities. All representatives in democratic societies have roles to play in governance, as each reflect diverse opinions.

Such a group will help its members begin thinking and acting on behalf of all the communities represented. It will show that they have something to contribute, demonstrating that the voice of the people is heard by government. This can also be seen as a signal that they want to be involved in a more productive dialogue in the Assembly.

This represents a positive step and shows a new emphasis on what the future could be in the building and consolidation of democracy. The "Other Communities" group can now work together and press forward a broader vision of interest for not only their communities but for of all the people of Kosovo."

PR OMiK SP 21/03


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