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Aid distribution and reconstruction inside Kosovo 23 May to 10 Jun 2000

News and Press Release
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During June, Mercy-USA is distributing 7,020 agricultural spray canisters to the same number of families in villages in the Djakovica region. As of June 10, 1,753 of these canisters, which are used to spray pesticides, fungicides, and medicines on plants to treat and protect them, were delivered to 1,753 families in over ten villages.
From April 1 to June 5, Mercy-USA repaired and refurbished 112 sites in four regions -Pec, Prizren, Pristina and Gnjilane. These sites are being used by UNMIK (the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo) as voter registration and polling centers. UNMIK fully funded this refurbishment project.

Mercy-USA has identified seven schools around Kosovo whose construction was never completed due to the war or that require repairs to their water, sanitation and heating systems as well as substantial structural renovation. The specific construction and repair needs are being assessed during the first half of June and a project to address these needs will be prepared.

From May 1 to June 10, 2000, the following items were distributed to approximately 5,600 persons (including orphans) in the regions of Djakovica and Pec: 5,856 lb. of powdered milk, 3,289 cans of beef, 313 food packages, 211 lb. of biscuits, 785 pairs of shoes, 800 pairs of gloves, 79 pieces of clothes, 15 blankets, 14 beds and mattresses, 167 boxes of toys and 967 bottles of shampoo.