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Aid distribution and reconstruction inside Kosovo: 22 May 2000

News and Press Release
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March 7, 2000 to May 22, 2000
From March 20 to April 16, Mercy-USA distributed 415,600 pounds of vegetable seeds (potato, maize, cucumber, green pepper, tomato and cabbage) and 519,400 lb. of fertilizer to 3,150 families (about 29,300 people) in 40 villages throughout the Djakovica prefecture. Swiss Disaster Relief (SDR) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) donated the seeds and fertilizer.

In addition, Mercy-USA distributed 16,310 apple, plum, pear, walnut and cherry fruit trees to 900 families (about 8,150 persons) in fourteen Djakovica villages. These distributions will help the beneficiary families to feed themselves and to supplement their income by selling the extra harvest.

From April to the end of May, Mercy-USA is repairing and refurbishing over 100 sites in four regions - Pec, Prizren, Pristina and Gnjilane. These sites will be used by UNMIK (the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo) as voter registration and polling centers. UNMIK is fully funding this refurbishment project.

From March 7 to April 30, 2000, the following items were distributed to approximately 15,000 persons in the regions of Djakovica and Rahovec: 71,300 lb. of powdered milk, 30,650 lb. of beans, 5,628 cans of beef, 1,373 lb. of biscuits, 191 food packages, 4,700 pieces of clothes, 52 blankets, 14 beds and mattresses, 138 boxes of toys and 840 bottles of shampoo.