WFP Senegal Country Brief, September 2016

Situation Report
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  • WFP and representatives from the Government participated in the 2016 Global Child Nutrition Forum in Armenia, which was hosted by the WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger. The forum focused on building powerful and durable national school meal programmes.

  • WFP organized a high-level workshop to present the achievements and challenges after the implementation of the first phase of the R4 Initiative.
    It was attended by over 100 participants including high-level government officials, donors, UN agencies and representatives of the people benefiting from WFP assistance.

Operational Updates

- Nutrition:In support of the 2016 response plan, WFP assisted 30,810 children aged 6-23 months in September under the blanket feeding activities in Podor, Linguère and in Matam region, where the Global Acute Malnutrition rate exceeds 15 percent.

  • 4,500 poor food insecure households with children aged 6-23 months received CBT in the form of vouchers, amounting to USD 350,340.

- School meals:WFP has initiated jointly with the Government, FAO, UNFPA and UNICEF a pilot project which aims to create synergies of intervention to provide an integrated package for school meals within the Home Grown School Feeding context.

  • WFP is undertaking the evaluation of the PAA (Purchase from Africans for Africa) programme in Kédougou region. It is commissioned by PAA Africa coordination units, both from WFP and FAO, and will cover the period from September 2013 to July 2016.

  • Resilience and Rural Development: The second distribution of vouchers took place in Tambacounda, reaching 7,479 participants, with a transfer value of USD 59,627.

- Logistics:About 154 mt were dispatched from Dakar Port to Extended Delivery Points (EDPs), 45 mt were transferred between EDPs and 155 mt from EDPs to Cooperating Partners.

- Monitoring and evaluation:A baseline data collection for the blanket supplementary feeding programme activity funded by the French Government was conducted in Linguère department in September.

  • The second roll-out phase of COMET was held during a 4-day workshop in Somone, Senegal.