WFP Senegal Country Brief, August 2021

Situation Report
Originally published


In Numbers

250,42 mt of food assistance distributed

USD 814,185 cash-based transfers made

USD 1 m six months (September 2021-February 2022) net funding requirements

126,582 people assisted in August 2021

Operational Updates

  • To mitigate the hardship of the lean season for vulnerable populations, WFP worked closely with the Government and humanitarian partners to address food insecurity and malnutrition challenges. In support of the Government’s National Response Plan, WFP assisted 86,586 vulnerable people (44,157 women and 42,429 men) located in Ranérou, Salimata, Matam, Podor and Saraya departments. Prior to the assistance, a cash-based transfer (CBT) feasibility study was conducted, focusing on food security, community targeting, the assessment of potential cooperating partners, as well as a market evaluation. The results allowed WFP to select the most appropriate transfer modality for each intervention area.

  • With the aim of strengthening its engagement in the area of social protection, WFP held a series of meetings with the General Delegation for Social Protection and National Solidarity. Four areas of collaboration have been defined and a working group is being established to define and monitor the joint action plan.

  • WFP partnered with the United Nations Capital Development Fund to strengthen the digitization of payments to WFP beneficiaries and to promote financial inclusion. Furthermore, to strengthen its mobile payment system and expand its partnership portfolio for CBT activities, WFP launched a call for proposals to identify its future financial partners.

  • WFP continued to work closely with the Ministry of Education to launch the National School Feeding Programme. The protocol for the implementation of the COVID-19 response program, financed by the Ministry of National Education with funds from the Global Partnership for Education, has been extended until November 2021.The scale-up of the"model school canteens" initiative from 15 to 30 schools is underway

  • As part of its resilience strengthening activities, WFP organized a mission to Matam to monitor the implementation of the integrated resilience approach in Ogo. Cooperating partners were trained on food assistance for assets (FFA) activities in the southern and central regions of the country.

  • Altogether 2,538 beneficiaries (1294 women and 1244 men) were assisted in Matam under WFP’s FFA programme and received a total of USD 29,500 as cash-based transfers.

  • In partnership with the National Agricultural Insurance Company of Senegal, 15,000 smallholder farmers (6,100 women and 8,900 men) were insured against drought through the "Insurance For Asset” mechanism in the regions of Tambacounda, Kolda, Kaolack, Fatick and Kaffrine. In the same areas, 121 smallholder producers (47 women and 74 men) and partners were trained on access to climate information via mobile phone through voice messages in local languages.

  • The moderate acute malnutrition treatment activities started in August for 3,892 children (2,215 girls and 1,677 boys) aged 6-59 months. The operations took place in collaboration with the National Council for the Development of Nutrition (CNDN) in the departments of Matam, Ranerou, Saraya and Salemata, where 24,501 mt of specialized nutritious foods were distributed. Furthermore, to support the Government in the prevention of moderate acute malnutrition during the lean season, 20,187 children aged 6-23 months (9,892 girls and 10,295 boys) received 97,160 mt of Super Cereal Plus. At the same time, 128,762 mt of vegetable oil and Super Cereal were distributed to 13,379 pregnant and lactating women.