UNICEF Senegal Situation Report - October 2012

Situation Report
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  • By October 20th, the regions of Diourbel and Matam together are already at 6,919 cases of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) since the beginning of the emergency response. The prediction for the two regions in the nutritional survey with SMART methods from June 2012 was of 4,950. With the gradual scale up in coverage and capacity being replicated to other regions, the total need may well surpass the national previsions of 22,336.

  • In order to cover the estimated caseload as per the nutritional survey of June 2012, UNICEF estimates that there is still a need for 4,000 cartons of Plumpynut until the end of the year and an additional 8,552 cartons in the first quarter of 2013. The current resources committed still leave a gap of approximately 5,000 cartons for the first quarter of 2013. If actual caseload exceed predictions, as is already the case in Diourbel and Matam, even greater amounts of RUTFs may be required.

  • Of the 174 health facilities in the Regions of Matam and Diourbel, 169 have tap water and 168 have toilets within the facilities – a coverage of 97%. Currently 87% (151) of these health facilities offer hygiene promotion activities, with 40% (70) also having hand- washing stations with soap.

  • UNICEF is prepositioning hygiene kits in Louga, S. Louis and Thies regions to support the gradual scale up to the 367 health facilities in these regions starting November 1st.

  • Funding of UNICEF’s emergency response plan in Senegal continued at 46%. Additional funding is needed to sustain and expand current coverage.