UNICEF Senegal Situation Report 23 July 2012

Situation Report
Originally published



  • A national nutrition SMART survey completed to update the nutrition situation countrywide. The preliminary results are to be released by MoH on 25th July 2012.

  • A nutrition surveillance system is functioning in the two most affected regions, Diourbel and Matam, with weekly data being submitted at national level by MOH and partners (MSF and ACF). This is despite the strike of health workers.

  • 200 health workers have been trained on the community based management of severe acute malnutrition in the regions of Diourbel and Matam.

  • 250 health posts are managing severe acute malnutrition. Due to the strike, not all of the data is available. 1,573 severely malnourished children were admitted this month in the OTP (out patient therapeutic program).

  • The scaling up of the emergency response plan is in progress with micro-planning ongoing from 23 to 31 July 2012 in the regions of Louga, Thies and Saint Louis.

  • A MOU was signed with ACF for the funding of nutrition activities for the scale up of the crisis response in the regions of Louga, Thies and Saint Louis.

  • Coordination at both national and regional levels with the involvement of all stakeholders for Nutrition, Health, WASH and Communication interventions and advocacy with other UN agencies held on monthly basis.

  • An integrated approach has been adopted for the emergency response including Health – Nutrition - C4D - WASH and Protection).