Senegal: COVID-19 Situation Report – #05 (8-29 May 2020)

Situation Report
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Situation Overview and Humanitarian Needs

Senegal reported its first confirmed COVID-19 case on March 2. As of May 29, there were 3429 cases, 1738 fully recovered and 41 deceased persons with a significant increase in cases in the last weeks. 39 out of 79 health districts are now affected. The Senegalese government is leading the response and prevention work with support of key partners including UNICEF. Many preventive measures are in place including a state of emergency, school closure, night curfew and closed borders. The government has however recently lifted some restrictions, such as the partial re-opening of schools, markets and restaurants.

The government has also recently shifted its treatment strategy of persons having tested positive to COVID-19.
From treating all positive cases in hospitals, those with no or only light symptoms will now be treated in other centres (mainly hotels). UNICEF has provided technical support to the Ministry of Health in this process and the development of protocols.

Recently a large delivery of personal protective equipment, thermometers and oxygen concentrators arrived in the country. These vital supplies will help enhance the management of COVID-19 cases. We are also working intensively with the Ministry of Education in the preparations of the partial re-opening of the schools in early June. Part of this effort has been the delivery of hygiene supplies and thermometers to be used in the schools.

Our work in supporting the most vulnerable children, notably ‘talibés’ and street children without parental care continues. About 1500 of these children have during the period returned to their families, alternative care centers or have received psychosocial support.