Senegal: Cholera Minor Emergency No. 05ME020 Interim Final Report


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In Brief

Minor Emergency history:

  • Launched on 29 March 2005 for 4 months.
  • Disaster Relief Emergency Funds (DREF) allocated: CHF 55,000.


In February 2005, a cholera epidemic was declared in Touba- a large religious district of Senegal (about 200 km from Dakar) with a population of more than a million people. The situation is suspected to have been caused by high population migration and shortage of clean water caused by continuous power cuts that led to water supply breakdowns.

Over 2,000 cholera cases and eight deaths had been reported in the Touba area. The number of new cases soared as more people gathered in Touba for the pilgrimage of "Grand Magal de Touba". By April 2005, the cholera epidemic had spread nationwide. Between 28 March and 3 April, nearly 3,400 new cases and 54 deaths were recorded in the different health districts in Senegal. Such an explosion of the epidemic was expected after a gathering of about three million pilgrims. Other cases were reported in neighbouring constituencies. As the pilgrims trekked home, the number of new cases doubled in Bambey (560 cases by 2 April 2005), Mbacké and Diourbel. Other affected regions include Dakar and its outskirts, Mbour (with more than 50 reported cases), Kaolack (184 cases and five deaths), Thies, Tivaouane, Saint Louis and Tambacouda amongst others.

For information specifically related to this operation please contact:

In Senegal: Abdou Siby, President or M. Adama Kamara, Secretary General, Senegalese Red Cross Society, Dakar; Email:; Phone +221.823.32.92; Fax +221.822.53.69

In Senegal: Alasan Senghore, Federation Head of West and Central Africa Regional Delegation, Dakar; Email:; Phone +221.869.36.40; Fax +221.860.20.02

In Geneva: Madeleine Lundberg, Federation Regional Officer for West and Central Africa, Africa Dept; Email: ; Phone + 41.22.730.43.35 ; Fax + 41.22.733.03.95

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