Senegal: Appeal No. 05AA032 Annual Report


In Brief
Appeal target: CHF 371,800 (USD 295,300 or EUR 239,500);

Appeal coverage: 106.7%.

Annual Appeal:

Programme Update no. 1:

Programme Update no. 2:

This Annual Report reflects activities implemented over a one-year period; they form part of, and are based on, longer-term, multi-year planning.

Operational context

The majority of the Senegalese population lives in rural areas, however that is rapidly changing. About 48% of the population is estimated to live in urban areas, well above the regional average. The urban formal unemployment rate is at 23%. Agriculture employs about three-quarters of the workforce. About 40% of the farmland is taken up by groundnut cultivation, while fish is the main export commodity. More than 56% of the country's population of 9.9 million is under 20 years of age. In the southern part of Senegal, a group has been fighting for independence for Casamance since 1982, resulting in an influx of displaced persons towards more secure areas Potential disasters in Senegal include drought, floods, epidemics and population movement. Over three quarters of Senegal's territory is in the Sahel zone, which subjects the country to ongoing cycle of drought and floods.

Although social indicators are relatively good (more than three-quarters of the population has access to potable water and adequate sanitation facilities, and life expectancy has improved), health care is deteriorating(1). Under-five mortality is 138 per 1,000 live births. Only 40% of the population has access to health services; 23% of the population suffer from chronic malnutrition (UNDP). The health care system has been put under further strain by a lack of investment in social infrastructure. However, the government has successfully maintained a low prevalence of HIV/AIDS through education.

All International Federation assistance seeks to adhere to the Code of Conduct and is committed to the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response in delivering assistance to the most vulnerable. For support to or for further information concerning Federation programmes or operations in this or other countries, please access the Federation's website at

For further information specifically related to this Annual Appeal please contact:

- In Senegal: Abdou Siby, President or M. Adama Kamara, Secretary General, Senegalese Red Cross Society, Dakar; Email:; Phone +221.823.39.92; Fax+221.822.53.69

- In Senegal: Alasan Senghore, Federation Head of West and Central Africa Regional Delegation, Dakar; Email:; Phone. +221.869.36.41; Fax +221. 860.20.02.

- In Geneva: Madeleine Lundberg, Federation Regional Officer for West and Central Africa, Africa Dept.; Email; Phone +41.22.730.4.35; Fax +41.22.733.0 3.95

Note: (1) Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

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