Humanitarian Situation Report Senegal 2012 Overview

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  • The total number of children admitted for severe acute malnutrition (SAM) in Senegal was 13,628 in 2012. This figure represents 68% of the UNICEF and sectoral target of 20,000.

  • A monitoring and reporting mechanism was successfully negotiated with the MoH and with the medical regions early in the response, providing weekly data updates.

  • 97% of health facilities in the Regions of Matam and Diourbel have tap water and toilets. In addition, 3,500 families of children treated for severe acute malnutrition received hygiene kits and hygiene promotion activities.

  • Vaccination coverage in priority regions affected by the nutritional crisis was reinforced, with the full vaccine package provided while vaccinating SAM children in nutritional facilities for measles.

  • In responding to the August and September floods, UNICEF distributed hygiene kits to over 22,000 affected households and to 150 schools, benefitting 22,500 affected students.

  • For 2013, UNICEF Senegal estimates a burden of 63,323 under-five children with SAM and 255,675 with moderate acute malnutrition (MAM), with a current likely coverage of 38,968 SAM cases.

  • UNICEF Senegal’s response to the nutritional crisis was funded at 66.6%, with a gap of 2,278,128 USD in 2012.