ECOWAS press release on the forthcoming presidential election in the Republic of Senegal

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N°: 005/2012
27 January 2012 [Abuja - Nigeria]

The ECOWAS Commission has followed closely in recent weeks developments in the political party campaigns leading to the forthcoming Presidential Elections in the Republic of Senegal, and whilst satisfied with the democratic nature of the electoral process generally, wishes to express serious concern for the rising tensions among political parties and citizens.

The Commission would therefore like to remind all Senegalese stakeholders in the electoral process of their responsibility to preserve peace at all times and in all circumstances in their country. It therefore urges political and administrative authorities, political parties and all citizens to scrupulously respect and obey institutions and laws of the Republic.

The Commission would also like to call especially upon political party leaders, their members and supporters as well as all other political and social forces, to show tolerance and restraint, and to refrain from any incendiary language, verbal or written, which are likely to undermine public order and the electoral process. At the same time, the Commission respectfully appeals to the authorities to ensure that all citizens enjoy equal treatment and fundamental rights in accordance with the laws of the Republic.

In the present circumstance, which is threatening to law and order, the Commission wishes to encourage all stakeholders to opt for dialogue, and consensus building with a view to the creation of a cordial and peaceful environment for the conduct of free, fair and credible elections.

The Commission would also like to take the opportunity to assure the Government and people of Senegal of its commitment to support the country for the successful completion of the electoral process and the consolidation of democracy in this valued Member State.