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Saudi official warns youths against fighting in Iraq

Dubai (dpa) - A senior Saudi official on Wednesday warned Saudi youths against going to Iraq to fight, describing the conflict there as not a war against Moslems and non-believers, but one between "gangs".

In an interview with the Saudi newspaper Okaz, Chairman of the Saudi Higher Judiciary Council Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaidan insisted it was "not morally correct" to participate in "criminal acts" in Iraq, and called upon parents to prevent their sons from heading there.

"Iraq is in need of people to douse the flames of evil and in need of support so as to prevent the outbreak of civil war," he continued.

Sheikh al-Luhaidan also called on the 35 "terrorists" wanted by Saudi security authorities to hand themselves in, as such a step would be taken into account when they face trial. dpa ap ch


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