Sao Tome and Principe

WFP Sao Tome and Principe | Brief Reporting period: 01 October – 31 December 2015

Situation Report
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Country Strategy

WFP’s focus is to continue the transition to the Government through a gradual phase-out of WFP assistance, providing capacity development activities in the education sector and technical support until the end of the project in December 2016.

The Government through PNASE (National School Feeding and Health Programme) has already assumed management of the school canteen starting in September 2015.

WFP has been present in Sao Tome and Principe since 1976.

Summary of WFP assistance

WFP focuses on supporting the Government with capacity development activities. The objective is for the Government to acquire sufficient capacity to manage a national school feeding programme by gradually transferring responsibility of providing a daily hot meal to schoolchildren from the WFP programme to the government. During this gradual transfer, WFP continues to provide technical assistance to the Coordination Unit of the National School Feeding and Health Programme (PNASE) and the Government.

In line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 2 and 3 and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2012-2016, WFP continued to support the government's efforts to increase access to basic education through food and nutrition assistance as well as food security analysis tools such as the Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis (CFSVA) and to improve gender balance among men and women. Additionally, WFP is working together with UNICEF to improve the hygiene and sanitation at schools and kindergartens and with the government to integrate nutrition aspects in the national nutrition policy and strategies to support people living with HIV (MDG 6).