Situational Update No. 1: Measles cases presenting up until 20 October 2019 (Date of report: 21 October 2019)

Situation Report
Originally published


National Health Surveillance & IHR Division
Ministry of Health

Key points

• As of 20th October 2019 there have been 169 suspected measles cases with 7 confirmed cases, 82 laboratory results pending.

• To date, there has been one reported death of a 14 month-old baby highly suspected measles awaiting laboratory confirmation; child is unvaccinated

• Of the 169 cases, 53% are children below 4 years old and 20% are 20-30 year olds

• 91% (153) of suspected cases reside in Upolu and 9% (16) in Savaii

• 30% (49) of the 169 suspected cases have been admitted with majority of admissions in TTMH Paediatric ward; majority of the cases have recovered and discharged with 9 currently admitted at the Paediatric ward and 2 at Acute 8 of TTM Hospital. No admissions or lab confirmed cases reported from Savaii

• Suspect Case Definition for case finding is any person in whom a clinician suspects measles infection, or, any person with fever and maculopapular rash and cough, coryza or conjunctivitis.

Outbreak Control Measures

• The Disease Surveillance is strictly monitoring and investigating the measles cases and provides situational report for decision making and recommendations of appropriate interventions to be carried out. There’s also a line listing of all the suspected cases updated from time to time.

• The Ministry of Health has urged and encourages the public to get vaccinated against measles. Vaccination against measles is available at all health facilities including the TTM hospital at Motootua and the MTII in Tuasivi Savaii. The immunization main clinics at the TTM hospital and MTII hospital are open from Mondays to Fridays-8am-8pm and Saturdays-8am-1pm.

• The Public is also reminded through the use of mass media campaign utilizing all the media avenues available in the country, the importance of taking the preventive measures to reduce the transmission of measles.

• Also advising the public to refrain from large gatherings and crowded places; isolation at home is recommended if you have the symptoms in the suspect case definition (highlighted in red above).