Samoa: Earthquake and Tsunami Appeal No. MDRWS001 Operation Update No. 4

Situation Report
Originally published


GLIDE no. TS-2009-000209-ASM; and TS-2009-000210-WSM

Period covered by this Ops Update: 12 November to 11 December 2009

Appeal target (current): CHF 2,469,062 (USD 2.45 million or EUR 1.63 million); Appeal coverage: With 103% contributions received to date, the appeal is fully covered and no additional support is required;

Appeal history:

- A Revised Emergency Appeal was launched on 26 October seeking CHF 2,469,064 (USD 2.45 million and EUR 1.63 million) to assist 5,000 people (625 families) for 18 months. <click here to view the attached Revised Emergency Appeal Budget>

- A Preliminary Emergency Appeal was launched on 6 October 2009 seeking CHF 2,888,262 (USD 2.8 million or EUR 1.9 million) in cash, kind, or services to support the Samoa Red Cross Society to assist 15,000 beneficiaries (3,000 families) for 18 months

- On 30 September 2009, CHF 325,134 (USD 313,134 or EUR 215,406) was allocated from the International Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to support this operation.

This operation is to be implemented over an eighteen month period and is expected to be completed by March 2011. A final report will be made available by June 2011, three months after the end of the operation.

Summary: Two and a half months after the earthquake and tsunami, families are focussing on recovery activities. Families, who have selected the government housing option of receiving construction materials, while they provide their own labour, are busy with the construction of their homes, while families who have opted to have the house constructed by the government's partners will have a longer move-in schedule. The Samoa Red Cross Society is providing critical assistance in the areas of water and sanitation, with water distribution through trucking reaching 20,000 liters per day. The Samoa Red Cross Society (SRCS) has been working with the Samoan Water Authority and other partners to develop an interim water supply solution which will see the communities through the next 8-12 months and reduce their dependency on water distributions. Hygiene promotion activities are geared to preventing the outbreak of diseases associated with the water and sanitation conditions in the field. With the upcoming cyclone season, the Samoa Red Cross Society, with support from the International Federation and Partner National Societies has been attending to the procurement and organization of re-stocking items used in response to the tsunami.

The work associated with the earthquake and tsunami has been a motivating factor for the SRCS to review its HR policies and procedures, including developing job descriptions, reviewing salary and benefits and planning for the need for additional human resources. The increase in funds has resulted in development of the society's financial and logistics systems.

Partners who have made contributions to this appeal thus far include: American Red Cross, Australian Red Cross, British Red Cross/British government, Canadian Red Cross/Canadian government, Red Cross Society of China Danish Red Cross, Irish Red Cross, Japanese Red Cross, Monaco Red Cross, New Zealand Red Cross and Swedish Red Cross/Swedish government, the government of the Republic of Korea; and USAID.

The International Federation on behalf of the Samoa Red Cross Society would like to thank all partners for their generous contributions.