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Press Release: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade - Donations from our Auckland Diaspora for the Measles Outbreak

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(23rd January 2020) - Since the declaration of the state of emergency for the Measles Outbreak on November 17, a large number of the Auckland diaspora presented their donations to the Office of the Consul General Faolotoi Reupena Pogi; these were later transferred to the Government Accounts for Measles.

The Government acknowledges with gratitude and appreciation the donations presented as follows; as well as the support through the conduct of a Measles prayer service at the Fale o Samoa;
Samoa Assemblies of God $10,000
Manukau PICC $5,000
Sinoti Ekalesia Evagelia Uesiliana Metotisi $1,310
Malaeola Samoan Catholic Community $11,368.30
Misela church service $670
TAB USO New Lynn $600
EFKS Aotearoa (Rev Faamalua Peteru) $10,869.30
Elei Dancing Group $2,200
Papatoetoe Samoa Methodist parish $3,200

All donations will go towards the Relief phase as well as the Recovery phase of the Measles outbreak.