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Measles Outbreak in the Pacific - Situation Report No 8, December 23, 2019

Situation Report
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• Measles outbreaks are ongoing in four Pacific Islands Countries and areas (PICs; Samoa, Tonga, Fiji,
American Samoa), which are diverse in scale and stage of the outbreak, as well as the country context.

• A laboratory conformed case has also been reported from Kiribati while one case is being investigated Niue.

• The situation in Samoa is stabilizing and post-peak, with decreasing numbers of cases. The state of emergency has been extended till 29 December 2019. To date, there have been 79 measles-related deaths (no death in the last 24 hours).

• Tonga is seeing a 5th wave of measles transmission, with fewer numbers of new cases being reported in recent weeks. The situation is stable.

• Fiji has not reported new cases in the last week and a huge drive towards 95% vaccination coverage by Christmas eve is ongoing with rapid vaccination started by Northern and Western divisions • American Samoa has not reported any new cases since last week (situation report No. 7).

• Heightened surveillance to identify possible measles cases in all other PICs is needed and ongoing, as well as continued strengthening of preparedness and response activities in unaffected countries.

• Vaccine availability is currently ensured in all PICs, and a contingency plan in place in case of any additional demand.

• WHO/UNICEF Pacific Measles Communication Toolkit: 11 PICs are being supported to adapt and implement the WHO/UNICEF Pacific Measles Communication Toolkit, in both French and English.

• Travel advisories under Article 43 of the IHR (2005) are currently in place in several PICs: American Samoa, Solomon Island, Marshall Island, and Tokelau.

Situation Update

As of 23 December, four Pacific Islands Countries and areas (PICs) have measles outbreaks: Samoa, Tonga, American Samoa, and Fiji. Additionally, Kiribati has recently reported a single laboratory-confirmed case of measles, and one case is under investigation in Niue. The overview of declarations of outbreaks and States of Emergency is summarised in Table 1, the epidemiological situation in Table 2, and further summarised by country below. PICs without measles outbreak at present have been assessed by WHO for the risk of a potential measles outbreaks (rapid risk assessment), and preventive SAIs and additional preparedness activities are ongoing and planned