Dengue Serotype 2 Outbreak in Samoa 2017: Situational Report No. 6 (28th January)

Situation Report
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Outbreak Overview

The epi-curve of DENV-2 outbreak in Samoa shows a gradual decline in the number of cases per week. However, the numbers are still high with an accumulative total of 3,001 cases recorded from both clinical diagnosis and laboratory results. The national attack rate per 1,000 population is 15.3 with 1.5% of Samoa’s population affected.

Commonly affected age groups are between 1-14 years; most cases in 5 - 9 year olds. Geographical areas most affected contin-ue to be the Apia Urban Area and the North West Upolu regions which are the more densely populated areas in the country.

Dengue case definition: An acute fever with any two of the following signs and symptoms: joint & muscle pains; maculo-pappular rash; severe headaches; nausea & vomiting; pains behind the eyes; bleeding and leucopenia.