St. Vincent & Grenadines

St. Vincent & the Grenadines, La Soufrière Volcano, Situation Update #1 (09 April 2021)

Situation Report
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  1. Soufriere volcano Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VCT) active since 29th December, 2020. Started with effusive eruption activity, formation of a volcanic dome, changes to crater lake and seismic activity.

  2. Activity increased since 8-4-2021 3AM

  3. Residents living on the Leeward side of the Island will be able to see the glow/fiery look of the dome as it gets darker

  4. PM VCT gave the order to evacuate the red zone on 8-4-2021 4PM and has declared the red alert. This means an explosive eruption is imminent. 20000 residents are living in the red zone.

  5. MV Gem Star and VCT Coast Guard is docked at jetty Chateaubelair to transport residents to be evacuated

  6. 4 Cruise ships ETA VCT 9-4-2021

  7. Deployment of Barbados Defence Force (BDF). ETA VCT 9-4-2021. BDF EMT on standby

  8. Last time volcano erupted was in 1979 (both red and orange zone were evacuated)

  9. PAHO staff (3) in VCT safe in Green zone.

Situation Overview

  • Low level seismic tremor since 3 AM, 8th April 2021 - Three separate periods: 3-3:40; 5:30-6:20; 8:00-9:00; 10:00-15

  • Banded Tremor happening in dissipate bands • More magma is on its way to the surface

  • Recorded three long period earthquakes - associated with the movement of Magma

  • Possibility of explosive eruption has increased significantly, Fresh Magma wants to get to the surface

  • Explosive activity is expected

  • There could also be extended effusive activity without explosions, that contributes to the continued growth of the dome.

  • Earliest time an explosive eruption could happen is now, within the next few hours, days.

  • Preparations should be finalized for evacuation with very little notice.

  • Another period of banded tremor has started, during press conference.