Saint Lucia: WASCO making tremendous strides in providing communities with water

from Government of Saint Lucia
Published on 30 Nov 2010 View Original
Contact: Shannon Lebourne

Tuesday 30 November 2010 - In a post Hurricane Tomas recovery update, the Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) has revealed that it has been able to partially or fully restore a steady supply of potable water to several communities on the south-western and eastern regions of the country.

WASCO's Communications Consultant Mr Clinton Reynolds says amidst numerous challenges crews have moved to install six portable water tanks in the community of Micoud which has been without pipe-borne water since the passage of Hurricane Tomas one month ago.

"These portable water tanks will become operational by Thursday and are expected to ease the hardship for residents as repairs on the transmission line are completed. Crews expect to begin supplying pipe-borne to Micoud by next week.

" The communities of Vieux-Fort and Laborie began to receive a steadier water supply from last weekend. Repairs at the Grace intake has allowed WASCO to increase the volume of water produced to 1.2 million gallons per day to supplement the 400, 000 gallons per day from Beausejour, Vieux Fort. Crews are discovering a number of breaks in service lines all over the community which is hindering some people from receiving a supply of water. The Belle-Vue intake is continuing to produce a steady supply."

WASCO's Communications Consultant says the water company continues to receive support and assistance from regional partners to restore normalcy to affected communities.

"In Canaries, technical experts from Trinidad are developing a new design for the plant there. WASCO is expecting to receive more material to get other work done shortly. Ti- Rocher and Desruisseaux are back to normal, although the water has to be rationed between the two communities. Landslides caused by continuing rain is posing major challenges to crews. In Anse la Raye, clogs in the system necessitated a shut down of the supply to the community to allow crews to de-silt the intake and unblock the clogs.

"WASCO's crews have built two new breams upstream to trap the silt. They expect to restore the water supply to the lower parts of Anse-La Raye on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 and to the higher elevations by Thursday. However, more rain will cause further interruptions in the supply to allow for de-silting and clearing work."

The Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) continues to appeal to the public to refrain from abusing provisions made for consumers to receive water.

Residents can ask questions or report problems with service lines in the south by calling 454-6585 or 720-8912.