Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia preliminary report on recent severe weather impact

Bridgetown, Barbados, October 14, 2008 (CDERA) - Saint Lucia has been experiencing continuous rains commencing Monday October 6, 2008 that have caused flooding and landslides in several areas across the country. No shelters were opened during the periods of heavy rains.

The District Disaster Committees have been conducting assessments of the impact and damage in their respective communities. Following is a summary of reports received as of October 9 - 13, 2008

The Emergency Services Crews conducted rescue operations in Beausejour where one person was trapped in a flooded vehicle and in Gros Islet Village and Union to bring persons to safety who were trapped by flood waters. They were also out clearing debris blockage from landslides and fallen trees.

Severe flooding was reported in Central and South Castries after the rains on October 8.

Landslides have occurred in several areas in Castries. Four households were reportedly affected at Morne du Don in Castries North, a house was lost at Bois D'Ennis in South East Castries and a series of small landslides were reported in several areas of East Castries. There were also reports of landslides in Soufriere and Laborie.

Initial reports on the impact to the health, education, and the utilities services are as follows:


Generally, the Health Care Facilities were not severely affected and consequently, there was not any disruption to services. The main impact to the health facilities was the ingress of rain through defective roofs (leaks) and swamping of floors and other interior areas of buildings due to overwhelmed drainage systems.


Landslides were reported near the Morne du Don School and at the Babonneau Secondary School and there was some flooding at the Dame Pearlette Louisy School.



Minor damage to the network infrastructure was reported and the problems have now been resolved.


The inclement weather throughout the morning and early afternoon of Saturday, October 11, 2008 adversely affected segments of LUCELEC's Transmission and Distribution System. This was due to flooding and landslides in a number of areas. There were power outages in several communities with service being restored to approximately 95% of the affected customers by 9.00pm on Saturday, October 11.


The Water and Sewerage Ltd (WASCO) suffered some damage to its raw and potable water transmission network and potable distribution network in its Northern and Southern Services jurisdictions. Reports have indicated that raw and potable water mains have been washed away or damaged due to landslides.

The Wastewater Services have also reported that there has been a sewer system backup in the Rodney Bay area. Repairs to the affected systems in most areas were expected to be completed by October 13, 2008

Response Actions

The preliminary impact assessments carried out by National Emergency Management Organisation provides information for immediate emergency relief to the affected people and short term restoration of services.

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency was not required to initiate any response as this event was considered a Level One under the system of the Regional Response Mechanism. A Level One event means that the incident within the Participating State can be dealt with in the regular operating mode of the national emergency services.

For further information please contact:
Ms Dawn French, Director
National Emergency Management Organisation
Bisee, Castries
Saint Lucia
Tel: (758) 452-3802
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