Saint Lucia: More than EC$3m in damage from Tropical Storm Claudette

from Government of Saint Lucia
Published on 10 Jul 2003
Damage and Needs Assessment Sub-Committee

Assessment of Damage caused by Tropical Wave of July 7, 2003


This submission serves as a summary of several reports obtained from District Disaster Sub-Committees and constituent members of the Damage and Needs Assessment Sub-Committee (DANA) of NEMO. The report is lacking in some extent, as most of the institutions have not performed in depth assessments of the damage caused by the passage of the Tropical Wave on July 7, 2003. This may be attributed to the minimal nature of the damage.


2.1 Districts

Information collated by NEMO suggests that most districts were left unscathed with only Babonneau reporting a general status of "not too good".

2.2 Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO)

Reports from WASCO indicate that no damage was suffered. However,

2.3 St. Lucia Electricity Services Ltd. (LUCELEC)

LUCELEC reported minimal damage throughout the Island. Nonetheless, Garrand and Denierre Riviere / Morne Pananche were defined as the worst affected communities. LUCELEC's representative on DANA reported the following;

  • One pole fell in the Garrand area leaving two customers without electricity for a short period.
  • A transformer at Garrand got damaged, leaving several persons without electricity for a lengthy period.
  • A fallen tree at the Barre De Lisle caused an extensive power outage in the Denierre Riviere/Morne Panache Communities. The repairs were ongoing at the time of this report on July, 09, 2003.
  • The cost of damage is expected to be in the region of $20,000.00.
Total = $20,000.00

2.4 Telecommunication Companies

Both Cable and Wireless and A T & T Wireless indicated that no damage was experienced.

2.5 Banana Industry

Attempts at obtaining information from the several Banana companies have proven difficult. To date information obtained from the St. Lucia Banana Corporation (SLBC) suggests the following categorisation of damages:

Northern Farms - 15%

Southern Farms - 15%

Cul de Sac Valley - 30%

Roseau Valley - 30%

Mabouya Valley - 30%

The representative of SLBC on the DANA sub-committee suggests that overall 30% losses could be reported for their farms.

As re regard to TQFC, it has been reported that the most damage was in the valley areas, Cul De Sac, Roseau and Mabouya. The estimated percentage loss is in the region of 15 percent.

Efforts at obtaining information from the other companies have been extremely difficult. However, discussions held with both WIBDECO and Wincrop indicated that their assessment of the banana damage was 5 and 15 percent respectively.

Thus, considering a replanting cost of $5,000.00 per acre, an Island-wide loss of 15 percent, and based on the assumption of 4000 acres of land under active banana cultivation, the approximate cost of the damage would be $3,000,000.00.

Total = $3,000,000.00.

2.6 Health Services

Minimal damage has been reported for institutions throughout the Island. The Ministry's representative on DANA reported the following;

  • Dennery Hospital: - Two roof sheets were blown away. There was also damage to the fascia and guttering. The estimate is placed at $250.00.
  • Golden Hope Hospital:- Loss of roof sheets resulted in the flooding to the Nurse's station at the ground floor. Estimated damage is $700.00.
  • Babonneau Health Centre:- Loss of roof sheets resulted in the flooding and damage to supplies, linen and the vinyl floor tiles. The damage is estimated at $1,500.00.
Total = EC$2,400.00

2.7 Ministry of Communication, Works, Transport and Public Utilities (MCWTPU)

Perusal of a report from the MCWTPU on July 10, 2003, suggests that the Island-wide picture can also be defined as minimal damage. It indicates, that the damage can be categorised under fallen trees, landslides, choked drains and choked culverts. The total damage has been estimated at $52,000.00, with the Babonneau area being hardest hit.

Total = $52,000.00


Despite not having the accurate information on the total acreage of bananas under SLBC and TQF, an estimate of damage has been made. Thus based on the information provided the preliminary estimate of the acreage under the two main banana companies, damage is placed at $3,074,450.00

GRAND TOTAL = $3,074,450.00


Apart for the Banana farms in the three main valleys, Babonneau seemed to be the worst hit. The strongest winds were reported in that area and residents had reported that two residencies had lost their roofs. LUCELEC also pointed out that, the Garrand area was the only location where any fallen poles were reported.