Saint Lucia

2013 Saint Lucia Joint Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment


On December 24 and 25, 2013, a tropical trough system produced excessively heavy rains in Saint Lucia—at a time normally considered outside of the hurricane season. The extreme rainfall led to rapid and intense flash flooding as well as numerous landslides, and caused severe damage to transport, water supply, and drainage infrastructures as well as significant damage and loss in the agriculture, tourism, and housing sectors.

This analysis provides an initial foundation for identifying and developing post-disaster recovery and reconstruction activities for Saint Lucia. The report evaluates required efforts—from relief to recovery— and includes short-, medium-, and long-term recommendations for reducing our nation’s physical, socioeconomic, and fiscal vulnerabilities to disaster. To this end, this document represents Saint Lucia’s full commitment to build back better toward a more disaster-resilient future.