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16 October 2020 — Tweve (12) new COVID-19 cases were identified out of 3450 samples tested today. This brings the cumulative number of confirmed cases to four thousand, nine hundred, and sixty-five (4965). To date, four thousand, six hundred, and sixty-four (4664) patients have recovered and been discharged, including sixty-three (63) in the past 24 hours. The number of active cases is two hundred, and sixty-seven (267) and thirty-four (34) deaths. The new death is a male Rwandan of 39 years old.

The new cases are in Kigali (3), and Karongi (9) new cases in refugee camp; heightened vigilance is required everywhere.

The COVID-19 prevention measures announced by the Government of Rwanda must continue to be rigorously observed, especially frequent hand-washing and physical distancing. In addition, face masks must be worn in public and multi-family compounds. Withholding information related to contact tracing or COVID-19 symptoms, jeopardises public safety and will be punished in accordance with applicable laws.

The key symptoms of coronavirus are dry cough, shortness of breath, and fever. Automated screening is available by dialing *114#. Symptoms can also be reported to a medical professional, or as follows:
Phone : 114 (toll-free);
Whatsapp message to: +250788202080; E mail:

Let’s continue to work together to defeat this pandemic.

For more information:

Click on Rwanda Biomedical Centre Website:

Click on WHO African Region COVID-19 Dashboard: Click on WHO website to view the Corona Virus Situation Dashboard with updated number of cases globally and country by country