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UNICEF Rwanda Humanitarian Situation Report, 26 August 2015

Situation Report
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  • The average influx of refugees from Burundi to Rwanda remains at 150 people per day in the last 15 days. The total number has now reached 75,327.

  • The relocation of refugees from the reception centres to Mahama camp is progressing well with about 1,000 refugees being relocated daily to Mahama Refugee Camp.

  • A new refugee camp site (Mahama 1) is being established to accommodate an additional 15,000 refugees. The existing refugee camp will still be called Mahama.

  • A temporary solution for water provision through Akagera river surface water has been fulfilling the current needs, though UNHCR, UNICEF and partners are working on a longer term solution.

  • Education and Early Childhood Development services are being provided for more than 12,000 children in Mahama camp.

  • Cases of severe acute malnutrition continue to decline, and 190 children with SAM have been successfully treated.

  • A joint child protection assessment is ongoing to inform current and future child protection programmes in the camp.

  • Prevalence of childhood illnesses remains high.

  • UNICEF Rwanda’s funding gap at 72 per cent is making a comprehensive response to the Burundian refugee crisis challenging.